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Bio-Emotional Wellness

"The very beginning of improvement is indicated by a sense of greater ease, composure, mental freedom, higher spirits and a return to naturalness."


-- Samuel Hahnemann

(founder of Homeopathy)

Our Emotions Affect Our Health

Clinical experience has shown that the connection between emotions and health is of vital importance. Pent-up emotional stress, acting directly on the endocrine glands, creates a physiological imbalance that, if left uncorrected, raises the potential for cellular-level changes that create an environment supportive of disease processes. Emotions manifest physically (whether outwardly or not) and have the potential under the right conditions to manifest pathologically. They also have the potential to manifest health! In recent years the relatively young science of psycho-neuroimmunology has supported Hahnemann's (the founder of homeopathy) hypotheses - that illness and emotions are linked. 


Whether we are dealing with specific traumas (extreme stress episodes) of the past, or chronic ongoing stress of everyday life, the devastating effects of stress and emotional pain can certainly take a toll on our brain and physical bodies. From infancy on every incident of emotional upset has been making changes in our cells, our brain, our nervous system, our heart (and really every part of every system) to create who we are today and our state of health that we experience now. For some, serious traumas may have altered the brain quite severely, resulting in a very different person than their original blueprint of who they were meant to be.


Every single experience you've had in your life has been stored in your mind and body. Even experiences you don't remember are there, locked in your subconscious - continually playing out in your life. For example, if you were told as a youngster that you are stupid or not good enough, or that you would never succeed in life, those belief patterns can continually play out through your lifetime, sabotaging you in every situation (whether you consciously believe them or remember them or not). Our inherited and our developed belief patterns continually play out in our everyday lives, our relationships, and our health.​


From the bio-energetic perspective, if you have experienced some kind of trauma, insult, negative situation, or if you have a bad memory, attitude, belief or incorrect perception, all of those past incidents will be reflected in your bio-energy system (the meridian system) as blockages to a free flow of positive energy. However, you can unblock that energy and release or clear stored emotion vibrations. Utilizing the vibrational signatures of emotions (amplified or potentized), as well as other modalities, you can be helped to release those blockages and make a shift in awareness and perception, allowing for a more coherent and successful way of life. 


​Living your life from a higher vibrational perspective, with a free flow of positive energy, you will find every aspect of your life can change for the better - increased physical energy, increased meridian energy flow between body organs/systems, better relationships, better performance, and a greater sense of peace and wellbeing. Like magnets, high-frequency thoughts will draw high-frequency energy currents back to you, enhancing every aspect of your life.

What kind of impact can emotional fractures have on the body? During a trauma the emotional-mental body fuses with the physical body, creating the “memory”. The memory stays put in the body, as the mind keeps the trauma locked into its place. If more traumas occur, the memory thread becomes active for filing. However, if the episode is too traumatic the mind will even shut off access to the memory strand completely. The memory is stored away and never accessed again—unless or until the person is ready to heal it. In the meantime, the mind keeps the person in a stalemate from finding an emotional release because the mental body holds the controls, burying the memory and the pain. If the emotional body consciousness eventually activates a desire for that part of the person to “understand” or “heal” their wounds, then those memories and the emotional wounds can come forward for release in a safe way - with professional help, such as with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other trusted support. 


Just as physical traumas such as surgical scars or wounds can cause an interference or blockage of normal nerve and bio-energy flow along the meridians, so can emotional wounds and traumas cause a disruption in normal bio-energy flow. Emotional traumas can get stored in meridians (usually the meridian of the weakest organ or system) and over time can overburden and compromise it, which can eventually manifest into dysfunction.  

For these reasons, as well as for our own joy in life, it is very important to maintain our emotional wellness. Learning good coping skills for dealing with the stresses of everyday life will go a long way in keeping us happy and healthy. There are many therapeutic modalities a person can employ to help with releasing emotional traumas and stress. Keeping up with this kind of maintenance is of utmost importance, as stress and emotional upsets have a direct effect on our immune system.  Forgiveness and unconditional love - for yourself and others - are two of the greatest and most powerful practices we can do for ourselves. And yet, that may be difficult for various reasons. This is when Emotional Resonance Therapy can be helpful in getting us to that place - to our original blueprint of wholeness before a lifetime of traumas, disappointments, insults, violations and bitterness began imprinting on us and fracturing our emotional/physical body.  


​Please note that I am not a psychologist, nor do I pretend to be, but I focus on the disharmonious emotion vibrations - their electromagnetic signatures - and effort to help in re-balancing emotional-energy patterns using biofeedback, digital homeopathy, personality profile essences, magnetics and other non-invasive modalities.  If you have any questions about how emotional resonance therapy can help you, please contact me.

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