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Restore Vitality with
Nutrition & Herbs

Nutritional guidance can help you make the best food choices in order to improve overall health. The right nutrition (especially cell-resonant nutrition) can help hormone function, brain function and all cellular activities. Since the right foods (and certain forms of foods) can help in detoxification, cellular respiration/oxygenation, and rejuvenation of the whole body (physical, mental and emotional) we might even consider whole foods to be our pharmacy. Everything we need for the optimal functioning of our mind and body and the prevention of illness is provided for us in nature.

Cell Resonant Nutrition

Over the last 25 years exciting research has been done showing that the outer membrane structure of every cell in the body is a unique, semi-crystalline matrix. This means that every one of the trillion-plus cells in your body has an ideal resonant frequency. According to German Physicist, Fritz-Albert Popp, who extensively studied the biophotonic nature of the body, each cell in the body vibrates with energy because of its crystal-like membrane structures that resonate to different light energies or frequencies of biophotons. This discovery reveals why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies.
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What Are

Cell Resonant Foods?

These are foods in their purest form: NON-GMO foods organically grown in pristine conditions. Foods that have been genetically altered and contaminated with toxic chemical pesticides are NOT the foods that will provide our cells with the resonant nutrition needed to maintain health. Nor are processed foods that have been de-natured and altered with colors, artificial flavors, MSG, fillers and preservatives (especially those found in fast food restaurants) of any benefit to us. These do not nourish, but instead burden the body. Foods that nourish the body are those that are full of life and supply us with Life-Enhancing Energy. They are foods that have been grown in sunlight and are full of the sun’s energy and life force.

Since we are energy beings (as seen when looking at our cells through powerful microscopes) our bodies function best when they are fed cell-resonant foods.

Nature's Pharmacy

For thousands of years the plant kingdom has been used to overcome a nearly endless array of ailments.  Before the process of creating a patented formula (pharmaceutical medication) began, the plant kingdom was used as the primary form of medication to help recovery. Even in these modern times, research is ongoing to discover new benefits from herbs, trees, mushrooms, florals and other forms of the plant kingdom. As new benefits are discovered to help with modern illnesses, some are used in pharmaceutical drugs, some in homeopathic formulas, and some are used pure in nutritional supplements.
In the world of nutritional supplements, the source and growing conditions of the herbs can easily mean the difference between it being completely worthless and of no benefit at all (and possibly even toxic if moldy), or being extremely beneficial and life enhancing.  To be of benefit to our cells, they should be cell-resonant. This is why it is imperative that herbs, like the foods we eat, be fresh, pure, organic and vital. 
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