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Filling Out a Form

Prepare for Your Visit

Once you schedule your appointment, please download your Health History Form and your PMA Enrollment Form. Please fill these out and bring them in with you when you come for your appointment.  

Other Considerations for Your Visit

On the day of your visit refrain from wearing any perfume, hairspray, fragranced aftershave, cologne, scented lotions or scented oils. If it's possible, please wear clothes that have not been laundered with scented detergent (again, if possible). 

Drink some water on the day of your visit so you are well hydrated for EDS/EAV testing.  It is best not to eat any food within 1 hour of your visit.  If you are taking any vitamin supplements, it is best to not take these within 48 hours of your visit. However, if you are taking supplements vital to your health and well- being, you may continue taking.  If you are on any medications, please continue taking as your Doctor prescribed.

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