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BioMagnetic Pairs Therapy


BioMagnetic Pairs Therapy is a revolutionary holistic therapy that encourages wellness by balancing the interstitial fluids of the body.  When the terrain of tissues and organs is out of balance it becomes an area that will harbor pathogens. These tend to accumulate and thrive in these areas, even for decades or a lifetime. When the terrain is not in balance, it becomes the kind of internal environment that is hospitable to pathogens, making one susceptible to the development of dysfunction. Bringing the interstitial fluids into balance encourages wellness by eliminating disease-supporting environments in the body. A balanced terrain brings homeostasis and stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself. 
Pairs Therapy is a powerful therapy that uses medium to high intensity (1,500 -15,000 gauss) magnets placed in specific locations with the correct north or south polarity. When accurately applied this will restore proper pH in those areas. Pairs Therapy enhances normal system functions, increases circulation and oxygenation, stimulates detoxification pathways, normalizes the body's inflammatory response, and helps release emotional traumas held deep in the body's memory.

How Does It Work?

When two areas of the body are polarized - one with an acidic pH, and the other with an alkaline pH, then micro-magnetic fields are created, which act like micro magnets inside the body, each with a negative polarity (or north pole) and a positive polarity (or south pole). These are called biomagnetic pairs. This may happen in any tissue or even in each cell of the body.  The formation of these micro magnetic fields, or energetic imbalances, favors the presence and development of pathogens, such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. These pathogenic stressors can contribute to a host of dysfunctions and undesirable processes in the body.

In a very healthy body, we do not find these acid/alkaline imbalances, except in very specific areas, such as the stomach and intestines (where more acid is needed for proper digestion).  But, when the pH is unbalanced in an unhealthy body, a biomagnetic pair (micro-magnetic fields) or several biomagnetic pairs are created or activated, each with an acid and alkaline focus.  In an acid focus, the polarity is positive or south, and conditions are favorable to harbor viruses and fungi. By contrast, the alkaline focus has a negative or north polarity, and conditions are favorable for the presence growth of bacteria and parasites (with dysfunctions from these). 
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