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It is extremely rewarding to hear from clients as they share details of how their life has improved after implementing just a few changes in their daily routine.  If you would like to send me your experience, please contact me.

From S.S. in Texas

"I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you I feel so much better and have renewed energy.  You have been a “life saver” to me. Anytime I needed consultation, you have always been there and I appreciate that most of all. You are very knowledgeable and I trust you implicitly. Thank you for all you have done!"

From G.L. in Texas

"When I said to you that I wanted to try the cranio-sacral therapy I had no idea what it really was. When you gave me this amazing treatment I felt you had glued me back together. My connection and flow was back. I felt smart again. And being diabetic, my feet and hands were finally warm. I was so relaxed by the end I did not want to get up from the table. No pain anywhere! Cranio therapy is fantastic, especially with your gifted hands."

From N.B in Texas

"I just wanted to let you know my hand and wrist stopped hurting about 3 weeks now. There is still a little bit ocassionally, but I still am taking the remedy. Thanks for your help."

From G.B. in Texas

"I wanted to tell you that the nutrients are working! My bowel movements are normal for the first time in years. I'm thrilled!"

From S.D. in Colorado

"I haven't finished the tinctures yet but they have made a HUGE difference. My heart has stopped flipping out for no reason. I'm doing awesome. You really helped my breathing a lot. I really appreciate your services. I think you are wonderful."

From B.F. in Texas

"Brain fog is now completely gone! Thank you."

From J.B. in Texas

"I want to tell you how much those customized remedies have helped me. Since I got the Bodyscan and you made up those special tinctures for me, I am really seeing a difference. The drops for mental clarity helps wash away the clouds in my brain and give me unending focus. And the customized emotional balance remedy is helping with the emotional scars of my past. I feel it was God given. It is giving me wholeness in ways I never really expected – filling the voids in my emotional understanding. I never realized the cobwebs were even there."

From M.R. in Texas

"I am doing much better. No more problems with my bladder. I am feeling so much better. This stuff is really working.  Thank you."

From J.L. in Texas

"I wanted you to know I went to the doctor today the kidney specialist, and got the blood tests in for my chronic kidney disease, and my creatinine is down now to a very low moderate stage 3 (is 1.39 now)! So I’m still taking everything and being good. I just wanted you to know. I’m so thrilled. And I’m not even anemic anymore. Everything was good – my iron, my thyroid is normal. And my blood sugar is perfect, no longer diabetic. I am so thrilled and my Doctor is aware of everything I’m doing and taking and said to keep it up!"

From Y.C. in Texas

"...I definitely noticed a difference in my sleep pattern when I used them [the drops]. Also, my blood work results for my TSH level was dramatically different it well within normal range now. So I'm very happy with my results."

From J.S. in Texas

"Thanks for all the times you've helped me. When I have a problem my first thought is to get a hold of you. I am feeling great. No more problem with kidney stones!"

From S.R. in Colorado

"Thank you for your help. I have gone to so many other practitioners - naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist and others, and none of them were able to help me the way you did. You were the only one who made a difference. And none of them had the knowledge you have. Your frequency therapy [bioresonance therapy] and tinctures worked! Thank you so much."

From K.P. in Texas

"I just wanted to let you know that my lightheadedness was gone when I woke up Saturday morning. I don't know if it was the tinctures or the supplements, but whatever it was sure did help.  Thanks."

From J.L. in Texas

"When I came to you in 2006 I weighed 80 pounds more than I do now. I was on a walker and was about to get a mobile chair. I had had a stroke and was told I would always have to use the scooter. After my first BioBalance and the tinctures and herbal supplies you suggested, I went from having stroke level high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. Your bodyscan uncovered dangerous chemicals in my body that after 3 months on your program was gone. My blood pressure is lower than it has ever been. No more mini strokes. I can think clearly, walk forever, and have finally, after sleeping downstairs in my own home, moved upstairs to my bedroom. I make at least 12 trips up and down the stairs daily on purpose. When I went to see my Neurologist he said that if he did not have my chart in front of him, he would have never known it was me. I thank the Lord for you. I feel better than ever. When I talk with you it's like you look into my soul and heart with trained ears that go straight to the heart of the problem. Amazing. Thank you!"

From D.M. in Texas

"I wanted to let you know that I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you so much."

From K.K. in Texas

"You are so wonderful! The mud packs [medi-body packs] have gotten almost all of the swelling down. You must have put some “self heal” in my last “zap” :-) I just want you to know how often I refer back to something I have learned from you or some product you introduced me to – like the mud pack [medi-body pack] – that has done so much good for me or my family. You continue to be a blessing even though I hardly see you anymore. I apply so much of what I learned from you on almost a daily basis. Thank you."

From N.B. in Texas

"I would like to thank you for the great service you are providing to people who really want to live a full and healthy life. As you know, I was going to the oncologist every week and taking shots which were not improving my condition. Since I started coming to you, I have seen dramatic improvement in my health. My WBC, my energy level, and my immune system have all improved. Before coming to you, I would call out from work at least 5-6 times a year, especially during the winter, with either the flu or just low energy. This past winter, I called out once and it was only because of the extreme cold weather. I have not had a cold all winter. Those are just a few of the great benefits and results that I have had since working with you... Thanks for helping people to be more aware of their health and the importance of making every effort to live a healthy and fulfilled life."

From C.P. in Tennessee

"I can feel the emotional things helping. I feel "brighter" than I have in weeks or maybe even months!... The small spots are almost gone off my face. I can barely see them now even with a magnifying glass...there are 4 of them and 2 are almost completely gone..the rest are much smaller. So glad!"

From R.S. in Texas

"Thought I’d contact you and let you know my son’s been doing really good. He’s focusing better, and his grades have improved a lot. His teacher talked to us and said whatever we’re doing, to keep it up! She said he’s made some really good improvements and doing so much better in class now. He’s focusing better and so is getting better grades now. Before, his teacher was constantly having to get after him to get him to settle down and get him to pay attention, and he was failing from lack of focus. He is doing so much better now! We’re so glad!" 

From D.H. in Colorado

"I've been very grateful for the help you've given me with your therapies and remedies. My latest experience with you was in regard to an amoeba that was attacking me. I had eaten in a restaurant...and the following day I had my first attack. After that I had more attacks on other days. The pain was so horrible. It was hard to stand up. I determined I needed to see you, so you made room for me in your schedule. You were able to pinpoint the problem and provided some remedies for me. I started feeling so much better, and I haven't had any more attacks since then. Thank you so much. 


I also appreciate your work with the emotions. My emotional problems are so deepseated. They've been with me ever since I was very young. Thank you again for all your help."

From T.F. in Texas

"My son is better. He has only had two colds since we saw you – that is a huge improvement, and when he did have them it was a short duration, like half the time. His sinuses have remained clear and he even went swimming and didn’t get sick. He seems more engaged with his school work."

From F.K. in Texas

"I know that my immune system is better. I had a scratchy throat days ago and was able to slough it off.  Always before, a sore throat developed into bronchitis or pneumonia. So, I'm really pleased about that.  Energy has improved...I'm doing really well I think...more energy, more clarity. I'm pleased."

From M.R. in Texas

"I just wanted to let you know I am feeling better."

From S.D. in Texas

"Hello! My ear stopped making that noise yesterday! Thank God and thank you!"

From S.J. in Texas

"My bp is back to normal without taking the fluid pill. I think getting my kidneys working has helped."

From M.R. in Texas

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything. It is great to be in less pain. I can't wait for my next session."

From R.T. in Texas

"Ever since our consultation and test with you, my sleep and hot flashes have improved dramatically and I'm not even on the ..[[ med ]].. anymore, and have been taking a break from the hormone replacement therapy as well with no issues. I've been meaning to let you know that and thank you so much for the help!"

From D.M. in Texas

"I received the rest of my products today. And I just wanted to let you know that I'm already feeling so much better. Thank you so much."

From J.S. in Texas

"I want to let you know how much better I feel now. I feel like a new person! You have been a LIFESAVER to me! Thank you so much. You just don't know how much I appreciate you and all you have done for me. You have helped me so much. Thank you again."

From C.O. in Florida

"I wanted you to know that my blood test shows my total cholesterol dropped 31 points and is back in normal range. LDL dropped to normal range, TSH dropped in half to normal range and I have lost 10 lbs all in the last 3 months.  My sugar dropped 10 points. My Doctor doesn't watch my creatinine levels.  He watches my eGRF and BUN numbers. So the eGRF was 26 (low), and is now 29 (still low but going in the right direction). The BUN/creatinine ratio was 13 and now is 16. I told him I consult with you and that I'm basically on a vegan diet and taking several tinctures, and he said to keep doing what I'm doing, that the kidneys are doing somewhat the same with some improvement."

From L.N. in Texas

"You have truly worked miracles on my whole family..I am still to this day always bragging about you! I owe so much to you and the care you've given my whole family! We love you."

From K.N. in Texas

"I noticed less arthritis pain in my hands, feeling grounded, and less appetite - after my first visit."

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