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 We are living in an extraordinary time for health and wellness. While lifestyle-related chronic conditions are on the rise, new developments in genetic, cellular, and nutritional research have brought about exciting new insights into the influences that can affect an individual’s genetic predisposition to chronic conditions. The convergence of these factors, as well as the ever-growing demand for safe, effective, and natural options has created what is used at Bridge to Wellness - state of the art technology (for non-invasive assessments) and multi-dimensional products that are complex and customized for each individual.


Each person that I see receives a unique and customized plan of action to enhance rejuvenation and wholeness. Some of the wellness tools I use include electro-dermal screening, homeopathy, herbals, nutrition, lymphatic drainage and bio-emotional wellness therapy.  Therapies are based on each individual’s needs. For those under a Doctor's care, I work in concert with your Doctor's treatment to complement it.

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