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Information & Resources

On this page you will find many of my published articles from past newsletters and magazines, links for supplement refills, and links for EMF protection.  You will also find location and contact information for local farms, farmer's markets and co-ops.  For those who like to DIY, enjoy the how-to videos for making your own coconut kefir, nut milk, and how to sprout buckwheat.

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Local Farmer's Markets & Co-ops

The Chestnut Square Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market of Grapevine

Grand Prairie Farmer's Market

Farmers Market – Grand Fun GP

PRLabs Supplement Refills

For those using supplements from Premier Research Labs, you are always welcome to contact me directly for your refills, or you may also click on the Client Direct icon and follow the link instructions to set up your own client direct account to order refills from PRL.


These neutralizers come in a pack of three and can be used for smart phones, tablets, computers and other devices.  They are designed to modulate and neutralize even 5G devices.

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