Homeopathy - Nature's Energy Medicine

Homeopathy is a formal system of natural therapy that traces its origins to the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) in Germany. It is neither an herbal medicine nor a dietary regimen, but a philosophy of health and a formal system of natural therapy. The cornerstone of Hahnemann’s homeopathic doctrine is the ancient natural “Law of Similars” – like cures like. In terms of therapeutic significance, this means that a substance producing specific symptoms in large crude doses conversely will stimulate the body’s reactive and restorative processes to alleviate those same or similar symptoms when administered in minute doses. For instance, Ipecac produces vomiting if taken in large quantities, but in minute doses it can alleviate vomiting.  Such remedies utilize minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body’s self-healing processes and utilize the body’s resources to resolve symptoms rather than suppress them. Homeopathic treatment, like all truly natural therapies, seeks to mobilize the innate healing powers of the individual so that all physiological systems function at their best, and the body’s innate curative powers are put to full use.

Classical Homeopathy

Operating under the Law of Similars, Classical Homeopathy uses a symptom picture to choose the remedy that will most closely match the frequencies needed to initiate an immune response in order to restore equilibrium. The remedy will consist of one constitutional polycrest to influence the healing response.

Complex Homeopathy

Complex homeopathy is a multi-dimensional therapy whereby a combination of potentized herbs, nutrients, sarcodes (isopathy), polycrest, and in some cases nosodes (tautopathy) may be used together in one remedy to cover a greater number of underlying imbalances that could be contributing to the symptom picture. Unlike classical remedies where one remedy is used, a complex of remedies are used, and when combined together create a new "one" remedy, as no single ingredient acts alone, but in combination, create a new "whole" remedy.

Digital Homeopathy

Electro (or Digital) Homeopathy offers the most flexibility and potential for accuracy since SpectraVision EAV testing can be done for exact potentcies and dilutions for each polycrest, nosode, sarcode, herb and/or nutrient. Once these are determined, the electromagnetic frequencies are digitally imprinted into a glass tincture containing filtered water, or a pre-made base remedy.

Harmony and Homeopathy

The BioEnergetic model of medicine sees health as a state of harmonic balance, supported by the uninterrupted flow of energy throughout the organism.  Homeopathy is a tool by which balance and harmony can be restored. Using dilutions of natural substances to stimulate the body's self-healing processes, homeopathy provides support that allows the body to rebound and return to its natural state of balance and vibrancy. The principles of homeopathy therefore, align with the orignal model of harmony and health, where a balanced state of being provides the greatest opportunity for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.  Homeopathy is truly one of the most elegant and effective healing modalities available to us today.